Healing through Story-telling

Philosophy and backbone

How do we as parts of the whole, take part in telling the complete story that will lead to our healing as a society and gradually as a nation? What does healing through storytelling look like? And how can someone heal through story-telling?   

We have to tell our stories in a way that keeps us constantly open to different pieces and dynamics of it, in a way that confronts us with the changes we want to make and the actions we ought to take to make them happen, in a way where we confront our fears, inner insecurities to resolve recover our emotional strength and inner wellbeing.  

The challenge is, that humanity need new stories about its past (the heritage, the legacies), present (the now) and future (what we want to leave behind!?) so we can create the clarity, assertiveness, resilience required to make room for the changes we want in our life.  

If you come to think about it, story-telling was the hope, the light, the anchor created for mankind to evolve since the beginning of our species on this planet. It is through stories of others that we have evolved in to our ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour. In so many ways, you have always had reference in stories of others. 

Story-telling is one of the most valuable instrument to your being journey, though healing requires access and the key access tool to healing is listening. We need to learn to listen to each other, to learn about different options, learn new tools for overcoming challenges, learn to choose what supports us and leave out what does not, learn to make our similarities bring us closer and our differences bring us stronger, learn to appreciate listening to our inner voices and each other's silence and be inspired. In order for our communities to open up to the possibility of healing, a new story, which involves true healing and moving forward must be told over and over again until it breaks through our collective consciousness to heal and move forward.  Individual experiences become the collective consciousness that moves beyond the boundaries of faulty social conditioning, harmful beahvioural and emotional patterns, psychological and physical pollution. 

We have to stop performing the same story that we have become so comfortable with, and that is destructing our inner well-being individually and collectively. 

Eventually we will learn to say the ultimate truth about our traumas and our healing journeys without fear or shame or guilt. By more story tellers coming on board, the art of healing through storytelling will become infiltrated in our society, we contribute to something great that was initiated in so many forms, through many routes and through others who are great storytellers either as individuals or groups. We become part of their inspiration and in so many ways, pay it forward to hopefully inspire others. At this point I must express my deepest gratitude to all storytellers out there who have inspired throughout my journey.   

How are you empowered through this workshop/retreat?

  All participants will receive an in-depth coaching experience that supports them through their emotional wellness journey. This is suitable for anyone who wants to join, going through healing (which we all are at any given time), and based on application and selection process. The day to day detailed agenda of the workshop will be shared with selected applicants only. Healing through story-telling will offer you new healing tools, some of which are art therapy, drama therapy, coaching, mentoring, and psychotherapy and many of the practices which is the workshop is based on and stemmed from.  

About the workshop

In this workshop/retreat, every story-teller is a healer, ideally, someone, who tells her/his story and inspires others to share their being as well, through this form of emotional humane interaction, new healers join in and new story-tellers shine on, bringing light and hope for other to come in and join inner healing journeys. 

The workshop runs over a 3 days a half first time course, followed by a 2 days as a second course, including the end of workshop story telling theatrical performance. The performances at the end will be based on 2 – 3 members that each of the storytellers choose to invite to the show. 

Two of the story tellers in the group will get the chance to put themselves forward to co-facilitate the second edition of the Healing through Story-telling workshops/retreats. 

Gradually we aim to make a public performance, but not at this stage yet. The public performance will include all participants of the story telling workshop and will be given an artistic flair. 

About the Practitioner: www.makannour.org/the-story 

Location: Shared with final selected participants. 

Applying: Please send the following to be@makannour.org  

- Please note that any missing information will dis-qualify your application: 

1) Full Name and age (we welcome ages from 18 to 70+++) 

2) Nationality (this workshop is suitable for Egyptians and Expats). 

3) Mobile number 

4) Email 

5) Answers to the following 5 questions:  

i. What makes you want to take part in this workshop?  

ii. What makes you want to tell your story?  

iii. What makes you think you are on a healing journey?  

iv. After reading the description of the workshop, in your inner vision, what do you bring and what do you take from it?  

v. Please fill in the spaces below by 1 to no more than 5 word/s. More than 5 would terminate your application.  

1. Life after death is………………………………………., but then death before life is………………………………….. 

2. I used to think it was possible, but now……………………….. 3. Compelling actions, could possibly be unforgettable…………………….. 

4. Suddenly, the language of her eyes changed, her face got twenty years, she took a big sigh that I could literally touch its heat and she started answering my question…………….. 

5. And what is a taboo that you have broken?.................................................   

The application are reviewed by the Practitioner and selection is made based on the best benefit of each participant as well as the group. 

Selected applicants will be informed one week from submitting application. Others, will have a chance to participate in other workshops and their emails will be added to our database where we share with them upcoming events. 

Maximum number of applicants allowed for the workshop: 10.